Crock Pots 4 Kids

As we have matured as an organization, we have begun to focus less on alleviating hunger and more on providing supplemental nutrition.  In order to accomplish this, we successfully piloted a crock pot program that allows families to prepare nutritionally balanced hot meals for the entire family.  FB4K, with supportive funding, has distributed more than 300 crock pots to participating program families. Each crock pot that we send home to a family allows them to prepare between 4 and 8 hot, nutritious meals at a time.  Because the size of our families varies, we estimate an average family size of four when computing our needsIn order to accomplish this, a crock pot recipe is placed in the backpack, along with all of the ingredients necessary to prepare the recipe.  If you have any simple crock pot/slow cooker recipes you would like to share, please send them to


Here is a sample recipe from our resources.

Chicken Parmesan1